Unlimited Runtime Backup Power

We're getting more and more calls inquiring about backup power. There are several ways to handle this. The old standby is a generator and a transfer switch. Choose a few circuits to back up, such as refrigeration, well, and a light circuit or two. A minute or two after the power goes out, the generator starts and the backed up circuits come back to life. Power comes back on, and the backed up circuits go back to grid power and the generator shuts off.

Many people are surprised to learn that their grid tied PV system turns off when the power goes out. We can provide you with a battery backup system that uses PV to maintain charge on the batteries and send excess power back to the grid. These systems still qualify for Energy Trust Incentives along with Oregon and Federal Tax Credits.

For maximum power security, we can design a system for you that instantly transfers loads to the battery bank. When the battery reaches a predetermined discharge level, the generator automatically starts. By delaying the start, the generator 'overlooks' short outages. When it does start, it uses its full capacity to recharge the battery bank and keep the loads going. This is much more fuel efficient, and gives you virtually unlimited run time.

For Backup Systems, call Willpower Electric, LLC at 541-535-3965 or email us at info@willpowerelect.com and we'll help you keep the lights on!