Solar Mounting

H2E Solar Mounting System
(Harsh 2 Extreme)

The H2E is designed to support solar arrays in Harsh to Extreme environments.

Model 1 will support up to 5 kW with 10' ground clearance for deep snow, withstand 120 mph wind and 50 psf snow load.

Designed to meet or exceed any module load ratings. Stable 4 point earth contact and hot dip galvanizing assure that this rack will stay put for 30+ years.

Each H2E is engineered and designed per unique job and requirement. Wet stamped PE drawings are furnished to assist in your building permit process.

Provide us your site's GPS coordinates, wind and snow loading, and desired array size and tilt.

We provide installation instructions, foundation plans, anchor bolts, stamped drawings, complete steel fabrication, galvanizing, and shipping fob Portland, Oregon USA. Installation available.

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