Top 10 Facts About Solar Power

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Americans are shifting to solar power 
like never before.  
Even more people would make the solar switch if they knew that harnessing the power of the sun is now more affordable than ever.
That may be one of the energy industry's best kept secrets, in part because fossil fuel and utility interests are spending big money to perpetuate outdated myths about solar.
We're getting the word out with our new report,  
Solar Power on the Rise, and Solar Revolution infographic.
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1. The US is now home to enough #solar to power 2.4 million homes:
2. By 2017, rooftop #solar could be as cheap as electricity from the grid in more than half the states:
3. 140,000: number of #solar jobs in the US:
4. #Solar revolution: generating electricity with zero 
#globalwarming emissions:
5. It's never been more affordable to go #solar 
at home:
6. In at least 11 states, you don't need to own your home to share in benefits of #solar:
7. $15 billion: #Solar industry's annual investment in US economy:
8. Aloha! 1 in 10 utility customers on the Hawaiian island of Oahu has #solar:
9. #Solar works, whether you live in California, Georgia, or Maine:
10. 30K to 400K: Growth in number of American homes with rooftop #solar from 2006-2013:

4th of July Parade in Ashland, OR

 Willpower Electric, LLC
Southern Oregon Climate Action Network (SOCAN)
Ashland's 4th of July parade
with a
portable solar demonstration powering the
PA system and a fan.
Great fun!

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Happy Holidays and Generators

If you leave your homestead during the Holidays, remember to set your auto gen start to auto! You want your batteries to be happy when you get back so the lights come on. We've had customers come back to flat batteries because the switch was in manual off, and other customers come back to an empty fuel tank because they were charging when they left, forgot to switch to auto and the generator ran itself out of fuel :(

This one is an 80 kW John Deere turbocharged diesel with plenty of fuel. Large or small, Willpower will get you the energy you want!